Welcome to Shabby Sheep & Ewe!

 A Word from the Owner: Noema“Shabby Sheep & Ewe was established as a mother/daughter business. My daughter Bryanna learned to knit from her nana when she was five, and later learned how to crochet. I have been sewing and quilting most of my life, and learned how to knit about eight years ago. We are both creative and artistic, and love working with fibers and colors. When the owner of the local yarn shop announced she was closing, my daughter and I began to pursue our dream of going in to business together. We opened Shabby Sheep & Ewe so we can share our love of knitting and crocheting with our community, and teaching this craft to others. -LuAnn. ”

Shabby Sheep & Ewe is dedicated to American farms and small businesses. We discovered during our research that there are many American farms that are raising sheep, growing cotton, and processing their fibers at small mills in the U.S. It is with this commitment to U.S. ranchers that most of the yarns in our store are grown and processed here in America. We encourage you to visit us in person. Sign up for one of our classes in store, or even stop by during lunch hour with a box lunch from our friends at Sweet Rose Bakery, located across the street at 1604 Home Avenue. There’s nothing as nice as socializing, creating something by hand, and enjoying fresh, homemade, baked goods with friends.